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This video offers first-time filmmakers guidance on how to turn their story into a script and storyboard. The video explores the basic structure of a script and storyboard. The video also covers the importance of understanding all of the creative decisions as story-telling decisions. This video series was produced for young people producing short films with Balik Arts. The videos are accompanied by face-to-face mentoring session with Independent Film Trust CEO, Charlotte Knowles.





Character development: in order to write your script, you need to develop your characters.

Take a look at these links for some helpful advice on developing characters: 


Storyboarding doesn’t need to be complicated.

For some more information on how to turn your script into a storyboard, check out these links:,the%20script%20during%20that%20shot


In order to storyboard, you also need to know what different shots mean.

To brush up on your shot sizes, angles and movements, check out this link:



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