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This video offers first-time filmmakers guidance on how to develop a great story. The video explores some of the narrative elements you might consider, such as the three act structure, narrative arc and the hierarchy of need. The video also covers the importance of writing a great synopsis and log-line to communicate the foundation of the story to others. This video series was produced for young people producing short films with Balik Arts. The videos are accompanied by face-to-face mentoring session with Independent Film Trust CEO, Charlotte Knowles





The three-act structure is just one way of telling a story. Find out about different structures here:

The 'Save The Cat Moment' was coined by screenwriter Blake Snyder. It is also the title of his bestselling book on screenwriting.

You can find out more, get lots of amazing advice and get a copy of his book here:

A logline and synopsis can be developed in a number of ways. To find out more about how to develop your logline and synopsis, take a look at these links: 


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