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Balık Arts was a partner in a Civil Society Dialogue project, focusing on raising awareness on universal human rights via forum theatre, film, meetings, workshops and seminars. The project was co-funded by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey, led by Collective Awareness Association in İzmir, Turkey and supported by Karabağlar Municipality in İzmir, Turkey. This public service announcement was made in London, UK, and shown on Ege Tv in Turkey for over ten days as well as being shared online.


Directed by / Yönetmen Serkan Nihat

Actors / Oyuncular:

Tuğba Tırpan

Reya Hasan

Giulia Carla De Carlo

Luana Martignon

Jassen Mohonee

Theodoros Neocleous

Christopher Neocleous

Kaushik Bhattacharya

Geeta Patroo

Maíra Watanabe

Patricia Lower

Elom Akoumey-Doussey

Natalia Hybsz

Archie Thomas

Serena Marija

Kaya Nihat

Esin Nihat

Ayşe Eğri

Elise Coiffard

Zara Mirabelle Cooper




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